My Six Week Food Challenge: Reflection + Results

Over the past few months, my clean eating adventures on Instagram seem to have sparked some interest from friends about what I’ve been up to, so today I’m here to fill you in! First though, let’s back it up to where I left off on my blog about my food journey… Last year in March, a few months post-baby, Jake and I did the 21-day Sugar Detox (and followed every single strict rule) and LOVED it! I lost all my baby weight and felt amazing. You can read my full review of that here, and I still stand by every word. It opened my eyes to so many great recipes and made me aware of what I was putting into my body.

But then in early May, out of nowhere, my thyroid crashed BAD! Your TSH level is supposed to be between 1 and 5 and my level was at 342. I’ll spare you all the details of what that means and the symptoms it entails, but let’s just say that was a really tough time for me. It took about a month to figure out the correct dosage of thyroid meds, but pretty quickly after that my TSH level was back to normal. What did not go back to normal was my weight, which began slowly creeping up. My dr attributed the weight changes to my thyroid issue and suggested a strict autoimmune + Paleo diet, but at that time Jake had just deployed and Cohen and I began traveling for the whole summer – that type of strict diet was near impossible. Over the course of two months, I rapidly gained 20lbs. Pretty much I gained back all the baby weight I had just worked so hard to lose.

Determined to shed that weight (or at least keep from gaining), Jake and I joined a gym and started working out multiple times a week from August to February. I wasn’t restricting my diet during this time but did a really good job at the “everything in moderation” rule. This method worked well at keeping me from gaining weight but no matter how hard I worked out or how little I ate, losing that extra squish was still not happening. With a summer trip to Hawaii on my mind, I decided to start doing some research on what I could do to get my  body back. Not to mention, my thyroid symptoms (skin issues, cold sensitivity, sluggishness, migraines, etc) were randomly flaring up and causing problems so I wanted to see if what I was eating was contributing to that.

I came across several articles like this one and this one, that address ideal diets for autoimmune disease (such as my hypothyroidism) and I realized a major key to my puzzle: It turns out that certain foods were actually attacking my thyroid and making my symptoms flare up each time I’d eat them. Shockingly, many of those things were items I was eating daily in an effort to be healthy and lose weight! Apparently healthy things like eggs, yogurt, nuts, even bananas or raisins, that would be great snacks for a normal person, were actually making my thyroid issues WORSE and blocking my weight loss. Through some general research, I found gluten and grains to be the biggest thyroid “attackers” – and veggies/greens to be the biggest thyroid “defenders”.

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Showering Sweet Baby Emma!

My little sister Jaclyn is having a baby! I’m beyond excited to be an official auntie and am counting down the days until Emma arrives into our lives in just a few short weeks. Back in November I had the privilege of hosting her baby shower and was especially excited to incorporate lots of pretty shades of PINK and flowers (since right now my life is all blue, and airplanes, and dirt, and dumptrucks – haha!).


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