Showering Sweet Baby Emma!

My little sister Jaclyn is having a baby! I’m beyond excited to be an official auntie and am counting down the days until Emma arrives into our lives in just a few short weeks. Back in November I had the privilege of hosting her baby shower and was especially excited to incorporate lots of pretty shades of PINK and flowers (since right now my life is all blue, and airplanes, and dirt, and dumptrucks – haha!).


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Watch Me Grow: Photo Challenge Complete!

Whew, I did it! I managed to take a posed photo of Cohen on exactly the 27th of every month for a year. Being a super naive new mom, I thought that snapping a quick photo every month would be a piece of cake – Ha! It started out really easy… I’d just lay him down and wait for him to make a cute face. But about half way through the year, he became mobile and curious, and taking these pictures became SO challenging! No amount of puffs or funny dancing or weird noises could keep his attention long enough to sit and take a good picture. Literally the 12 month photo almost didn’t happen.

Now that it’s complete though and I see it all together I’m glad I did it. And I have a memory that goes with each of these photo shoots :) It’s crazy what a difference a year makes! Which month’s photo is your fav? I think for me it’s a tie between months 3 and 8.


PS: This project cost almost nothing! All I did was buy a white onesie in his size (which typically lasted for at least 3 photos) and then I photoshopped the number and circle graphic on. Super easy! If anyone wants a tutorial let me know and I’ll write one real quick. And then for the fabric I just bought 1 yd of fabric (typically from the sale rack). I have plans to make all the fabric squares into a quilt! But yeah, I think I’ll have to stash that project away with the years of scrapbooking I need to catch up on, haha.

Cohen’s First Birthday!

Cohen’s first birthday seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. It really is crazy how fast time goes when babies come into the picture; and yet at the same time I feel like I’ve had him forever!

This year Cohen’s birthday fell exactly on Thanksgiving. I originally was not going to have a party for him because I thought, “Why spend the money on a one-year old party when everyone’s out of town for the holiday?”. But after a night of perusing Pinterest looking at party ideas, I got totally sucked in. Then after talking to friends, I realized if I had the party a few days after Thanksgiving that actually a lot of people would be able to make it after all. And so the party planning began!

I decided to DIY as much as possible (to keep it cheap) and then just keep everything else simple. For decorations, I cut a bunch of triangles out of scrapbook paper and strung them together to make a backdrop – Easy, cheap, and super cute! Then I scored some giant paper mache letters on clearance at Hobby Lobby to spell out “ONE”. For the rest of the table, I just used a table cloth, fake flowers/vases, and platters that I already owned (all of which are from Target). And after one trip to Costco for some food, this was the outcome…


On the wall to the right of the food table you can see I strung up all of Cohen’s monthly photos from his first year and also incorporated his name banner that I made for my maternity shoot.

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Cohen’s Nine Month Update

As of today, I have a 9 month old. Seriously, time has never flown so fast as these past 9 months. Don’t get me wrong, some days are longggg and bedtime feels like it’s never going to come, but the weeks and months seem to be flying by at a scary fast pace and now I’m already making plans for Cohen’s one year birthday (which happens to be on Thanksgiving). Last time I wrote about Cohen he was 4 months old and just learning to roll and belly laugh – looking at him now is like looking at a whole different baby!


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The Honest Truth (Review of the 21-day Sugar Detox)


Several months ago a Facebook post caught my eye about a sugar detox. I brushed past it thinking “Oh gosh, that sounds horrible” and continued along my merry way… and by merry, I mean a not-so-merry, horribly destructive food path. Only the people in my very inner circle knew how bad my eating habits actually were, and even they didn’t know the extent of it as I hid it from everyone, sometimes even my husband.

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