Super Easy DIY Loofah Costume

I got tons of great feedback on my loofah Halloween costume this past weekend so I thought I’d post a quick tutorial for all you last minute costume-makers. After getting the supplies (which only cost me $20 total), this costume will literally take you no more than a half hour to make, and NO sewing involved!

Step 1: Buy the supplies

All the supplies for this costume can be found at any fabric store. I got mine at JoAnn’s Fabric (with a lovely little 40% coupon). Here’s what you will need :

  • 20 yards of “Nylon Matte Netting” (If you are taller than average, get 25 yards!)
  • 1″ size elastic, in black or a similar color to your netting. You need enough length to cut 2 pieces to tie around your waist once and around your bust once.
  • 1 package of 1/4″ size elastic, in black or white.
  • A white rope (or I used 12/32″ piping from the fabric store – cheap and easy!)

Step 2: Measure and cut the netting

Measure and cut the netting into 8 pieces (approx. 2.5 yards each). Don’t worry about the lengths being exact or the cuts being perfect – It won’t matter, I swear!

Step 3: Fold each piece of netting

First take the width of the netting and fold it in half, “hot-dog style” if you will. It’s probably already folded this way from being on the fabric roll (mine was at least!). Next fold the length of the netting into thirds, and again, don’t stress about making this perfect!


Step 4: Bundle & Tie each piece of netting

Take each piece of netting (now folded) and cinch it at the middle. Cut a small piece of the skinny (1/4″) elastic and tie it around the middle to hold it in place.


Step 5: Cut & Tie waist/bust bands

Take the 1″ size elastic and measure out two pieces, one to wrap around your waist, and one to wrap around the top of your bust. Cut & tie them.

Step 6: Attach the netting bundles to the waist/bust bands

Attach 4 bundles of netting to the waist band and the other 4 to the bust band using more skinny (1/4″) elastic.


Step 7: Put on the loofah and fluff!

Step into each “band” of netting, and pull one up right above your bust, and set the other at your waist. Fan out each piece of netting and fluff until the loofah look is achieved!

Step 8: Attach the white cord/rope

Tie the cord into a loop and either tie it around your waist or at the top of your bust. The cord is definitely the most important part of the costume so people know what you are.

What to wear underneath?

The number one question I got while wearing this was “Are you wearing anything underneath?” Come on people! Of course I was! What you wear underneath this costume actually does make a huge difference. If you can find shorts and a top that match your netting, it will really enhance the look of the costume and you also won’t have to worry about any gaps that might appear in the loofah throughout the night. For a younger kid, or for a more conserative look, just add some tights or leggings!

Questions, comments, thoughts? Let me know! And if you make a loofah for yourself I’d love to see it!!


    • says:

      I’m not sure the width of the netting – it comes on a standard bolt and was already folded in half. Any normal fabric store bolt of netting width should be right then just measure out the length you need. I don’t believe tulle would work the same as it would be too lightweight. Good luck!

    • says:

      Hi Marla! You just want to tie the bundles onto the elastic band. Just tie knots (you won’t see them once you fluff the netting). Hope that helps!

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Lindsay! I went to Joann’s earlier today and there was a very small selection of netting as well as color choices. how hard do you think it would be to make tulle work?

    • says:

      Hmm honestly I’m not sure… I think that the tulle might not give as good of coverage as the netting since it’s so lightweight so you may see some gaps in the costume. I didn’t try it though so it could work!

    • Jamie says:

      I just went to Joann’s earlier today and mistakenly purchased 20 yards of tulle instead of the netting. I came home and followed your instructions. The tulle does NOT provide enough of coverage and left many gaps. I pushed all of the tulle to the front and it looked fine, but now I’m going to have to go back and purchase another 20 yards of the tulle (which is not cheap….$30 for 20 yards) to fill in the back.
      I’m curious to know if the netting is itchy? The tulle is very soft and I feel like I will be able to wear it all night without it itching me.

    • says:

      Oh no! Yes tulle would not work as well for sure. I didn’t find the netting to be itchy actually and I wore it several times. The costume didn’t really touch my skin much because of the clothes I had underneath and because the netting sticks out so much.

    • says:

      Hi Andrea! I did both (as I wore it to a few different parties)… If it’s a pretty long car ride, I’d recommend just throwing it on once you get there. Not so much because it gets smashed but more so because it is large and uncomfortable while trying to drive. If you do wear it while driving, it’s super easy to just fluff up again real quick once you get there.

  2. Zara says:

    I love how this looks! You did a great job :)
    Question… the netting I bought had a width of 18″. It looks like it was folded in half, and then in half again – so 72″ to 36″ to 18″ (4 layers, right off the bolt). Was this how yours was? Do I have to unfold it once and then continue?

    Thank you so much!

    • says:

      Hi Grace, I made it a few days before I wore it. It didn’t take very long at all though! I actually wore the costume a few times last year.

  3. Brittni Smaltz says:

    LOVE this costume! Planning on making it this week sometime for an event next weekend. I’m 5’9″ and wondering if I get the extra fabric, am I adding extra onto the elastic or adding one more elastic band to wear? Thoughts?

    • says:

      Hi Brittni! I’m 5’8 so you probably would be okay with the same amount I used, unless you prefer it to be more covering. I think you’d probably just use longer pieces of the netting but not really need to add more bands of it. You may need to play around with it though to really know. Hope that helps!

  4. Lesley T says:

    This is so cute. You give examples of things to wear underneath but what did you personally wear? Yours looks fantastic! Also, what type/color shoes? I cant picture what would look cute with this.

    Thanks in advance!

    • says:

      Thanks! I wore purple shorts (like the colored comfy sofie cheer shorts from athletic stores) and a cheap purple tubetop that I bought at Charlotte Russe for like $5 :) They weren’t the exact color of the loofah but pretty close. I found that I could also wear black and it looked pretty much the same since my loofah was darker. For shoes I just wore some sparkly Steve Madden flats. Hope that helps!!

  5. Maggie says:

    First of all, you are adorable!!!!! secondly, I made this costume by following your directions and it was fast, cheap and turned out amazingly! I never thought I could be a DIY girl! My question is my netting seems to be all one length when its on and is almost too long to fluff. Should i trim the netting or is there a way to tuck it to make the appearance of a rounded loofa? Thanks again! My fiancé is going to get all sorts of dirty makeup on and go as a “dirty boy” and im taking along a bubble gun!!

    • says:

      LOVE the idea of the bubble gun – so cute! You do kind of have to work with the netting for a while to fluff it up, and be sure to seperate the layers individually. Shortening the length could work if you need to though! I’m not sure… Sorry I’m not more help :/

  6. Shelby says:

    This is Adorable! My friend and I are wearing this to a Halloween party next week! What did to wear for shoes? I can’t think of anything that would really match?

  7. Shannon says:

    Hey! I love this costume! I am off to buy the stuff now! Question I am struggling with what to wear underneath? Spandex shorts should work but top? I don’t know what kind of top because it cant show towards the top of my chest……also I was going to pair this costume with rain boots and gluing a rubber ducky to a head band! What do you think?

    • says:

      I wore a tube top, or you could wear a spaghetti strap top and tuck in the straps. I never thought about rainboots! That’s so cute! I wore heels to one party, and sparkly flats to another party.

  8. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just made one for Halloween on Thursday and this was spot on! I am very excited, thank you!

  9. says:

    so i did exactly everything that you said, except for the fact that mine ended up having more of a too-too look because the edges of the tool wernt rounded. i hope this makes sense.. how do i make th edges rounded??

    • says:

      Make sure to fluff each piece of tulle. Each piece should be connected in loops – if not, you may have cinched it the wrong direction. Hope that helps!

  10. Loriann says:

    I am having trouble understanding this whole thing. well mostly the yards. Im not familiar with yards, especially using a measuring tape so I am trying inches and it just seems to be soo much fabric for one piece. I got 72 inches for 2 yards. is this right or am I doing something wrong?

    • says:

      Not quite sure as I’ve only made it this one way. I’m 5’8 though so you could probably make the pieces a little shorter if you want. Or just wear the 2 elastic bands closer together so that it’s shorter and fuller. Good luck!

  11. Carr says:

    this was by far the BEST tutorial I found!!! I was having soooo much trouble with this costume. Wanted to quit at one point. Found this page and was so happy!!! Thank you for posting this! I’m very excited for my costume now (: xo

  12. Kallie Fattizzi says:

    Hi there Lindsay!! I was a loofah last year and this year I’m going to be one with 4 other people!! My dog is going to be the body wash bottle hopefully!! I wore flip flop slippers and it was really cute!! I love this idea!! I will try and post another picture this year with my dog!! Only if we can make the bottle and can figure it out.

  13. Alice says:

    I’m so glad to find your tutorial. My girlfriend asked me to make this for her today and I probably would had taken more stressful approach to creating this sponge if I hadn’t ran across this. Thanks a bunch!!

  14. Emily says:

    I was making the costume tonight and was having problems with getting mine to look like yours in the 4th and 6th steps. How many times did you fold yours to tie the bundles? Like after you have already folded it hot dog style.


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